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1. The ticket may include:
  a. Employees, their spouses, unmarried daughters and sons
    provided they reside with and are entirely dependent upon
    the employee for support.

  b. Single employee accompanied by friend: (a housekeeper may
    be allowed to attend the picnic unaccompanied by such
    employee provided the housekeeper is accompanied by one
    or more of the employee's children under 12 years of age).

2. Only one picnic ticket is to be issued to an employee.

3. The tickets must only be issued to permanent and temporary
  employees engaged in the Branch and District for which
  the picnic is approved, except as specially provided
  for in the regulations.

4. Employees, spouses and family are not entitled to attend
  more than one picnic in the same year.

5. Retired employees may be issued picnic tickets under the
  conditions specially provided for in the regulations.

6. Casual and Construction employees, are not entitled to picnic
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